Chatter Module

1.0 Reviews & Questions

  • Manage your customer feedback: Protect your star ratings and control how your brand reputation develops on Amazon.
  • Respond to new reviews: Get notified when you receive a negative review and act quickly to minimize damage.
  • Respond promptly to customer quetions: Actively engage with your customers and build a positive relationship to enhance your brand reputation.

1.1 Recommendations within the tool (Reviews):

  1. Start managing the most recent reviews (<1 month): old reviews can be set to ‘done’ 
  2. If you do not have the capacity to manage all your reviews, focus on the negative reviews  (less than 3 stars) first. 
  3. Under each review you will find the ‘Reply on Amazon’ button, when you click on it, you will be taken to the Amazon portal. Make sure that you are logged into your Amazon account and that your brand is registered in order to answer with the Manufacturer badge. If not, please register your brand here.
  4. You can also add reviews to your Watchlist to monitor the responses/ comments from customers. The review will stay active in the Watchlist for 2 weeks. If you want to extend it, it is possible within the Watchlist status.
  5. You can set your review to the ‘Work in Progress’ status if you want to show your colleagues you are working on this review.
  6. You can also export the review (author, status of the review, rating)
  7. Please note that you can also assign access rights to different tags (product groups), hence if internally there are different people managing different products, it is only possible to display reviews of the products which are relevant to them (and that they have access to.)
  8. You can use the information / customer feedback from your reviews to optimize your content.
  9. Set up alerts for reviews & customer questions, so you can be notified immediately of new reviews and questions coming to your products.

1.2 Recommendations within the tool (Questions):

  1. The same workflow as with the reviews.

* Please note that whenever you reply to reviews, customers do not automatically get a  notification that you have replied to their review. However, it is still important to reply to reviews (even if customers do not always see them) as it indicates to new potential customers that your brand has good customer service. This is in contrast with answering customer questions; when you reply to a customer’s question about your product, Amazon will automatically send the customer an email notifying them of your response. 

2.0 Analytics

  • See the trend for your reviews and how your brand sentiment develops (on a daily, weekly, monthly basis)
  • Sellics pulls all the reviews for your uploaded products (up to 5 years)
  • You can customize the timeframe for your trend analysis
  • You can download the chart 
  • It is possible to filter by ASINs, Tags, Brands, Category and the Amazon marketplace
  • You are able to view on the product level: the reviews & questions, Buy Box price, star rating, brand, and country.

3.0 Alerts

  • You can set up alerts (automatic email notifications) for new reviews & questions on the user level.
  • Please note that email alerts are user specific, which means each user has to set up their own alerts.
  • If you want to receive alerts only for negative reviews (star ratings: 1, 2, 3), simply select 3 stars.

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