Content Monitoring will compare your listings on Amazon with your saved listings in Sellics Content Analysis. Only products that do have a difference between Amazon and Sellics will show up in Content Monitoring.

The first time you add a product in Manage Products we will initially read your current listing from Amazon and show it in Content Analysis.

The listings in Content Analysis will not be updated but stay the same. So you may use Content Analysis to review your products content and optimize your texts with new researched keywords. These new optimized listings may be exported and sent in to Amazon.

Content Monitoring will check daily weather there is a difference between the listing in Content Analysis and the listing in Amazon. The table will indicate the parts that show differences with a red cross.

Important note: The green check mark in the A+ column does not mean the product has A+ but that there is no difference to Sellics content.

The last column Actions will show you side by side Sellics and Amazons content and the differences we found. You may choose for each part if you want to keep Sellics or Amazons content. If you keep Amazons content this will be the new saved state of the listing and we will also show it in Content Analysis.

Why is the content different between Sellics and Amazon?

The content in Sellics may be different for various reasons. The most common are:

  1. You started altering the content in Content Analysis and did not submit it to Amazon yet.
  2. The content you submitted to Amazon has not yet or only partially been approved.
  3. A 3rd party is also submitting content (e.g. market place seller that had the buy box)
  4. Amazon is enforcing style guidelines and automatically generating content based on their own product information.

How can I update all my products so they show the same content as on Amazon?

If you want to take over all recently found content from Amazon you please

  • click check all products and
  • click Keep Amazon's Content
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