Amazon Advertising module:

  • Placements Reports: Analyze the performance of your ad placements:
  • Ad-Schedulíng: Ad-scheduling for your campaigns (allows you to pause campaigns for specific times of the day, or days of the week (also in bulk!))
  • Adjust your bids & budget in bulk (also as a percentage)
  • Automatic rules for product targeting campaigns
  • Over-/Underspend: a new metric that will show you exactly how much money (in absolute numbers) have you overspent (or underspent) in relation to your target ACoS. Here for more information.
  • Keyword harvesting as part of automatic rules: to move well performing keywords / search terms to other campaigns. Here you can find more information and here a short video about it.

Content & SEO module:

  • Upload your own keyword list (e.g. for keyword ranking).
  • Upload your own content (e.g. for content monitoring).
  • Export all your content.
  • Content Indication System: This allows you to customize, control, and monitor content settings all in one place. 

Buy Box:

  • Pricing history – see how your prices change over time and which of the seller is undercutting you. Here you can find more information.
  • Upload your MAPs (Minimum Advertising Price) and set up alerts if somebody is undercutting you.

Retail Analytics:

  • Amazon Advertising data is available in Sales Performance.
  • Exports for all your daily data at product level for a specific period of time ( (button ‘Export all reports’).
  • Better performance -> loading time 10x faster.

Chatter module:

  • Faster Performance.


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