Here are your important first steps to getting started with Sellics:

  • Adding your team to the platform
  • Uploading your product catalogue
  • Creating tags to segment your catalogue
  • Bulk uploading your content

Adding users - You can add new users under ‘Manage Accounts’. Only the administrator can add new users and assign them specific access rights. 

Rights can be assigned on the following levels: 

  • Marketplaces
  • Modules
  • AMS Integrations
  • Tags
  • Brands

Adding new products - You can add new products (ASINs) under ‘Manage   

Products’, either by uploading a bulk Excel file, or opt to add new products manually. 

  • Excel bulk file: If you wish to upload your own Excel file, make sure it follows the required format requirements (click on the ‘select bulk upload’ then ‘upload ASINs’ icon to see the format specifications and template).
  • Add new products manually: If you wish to add products manually.  Select, “add by ASIN” and then you will be prompted to select the marketplace first.
  • It may take up to 24hrs until the data is fully loaded into our system
  • The system will avoid creating duplicate products.

Creating Tags - You have the opportunity to assign products to a specific group 

(‘Tags’), to help you manage products more easily. This will also enable you to grant user rights based on the Tags.

We recommend creating tags for similar products (product variations) in order to optimize them in bulk.

You can create new Tags under the ‘Manage Products’ tab:

3.1.) Name your new tag

3.2.) Click on the + sign

3.3.) Select your chosen products and add them to your tag 

Please note that you can also upload the tags in bulk (see below). 

You can also delete your Tags and / or edit them. You need to click on the second  

view (see the error) and then you will get a new expanded view. This view will allow you to see for which products have you already assigned tags and under which category are those products listed. If you want to change to the previous view, just click on the first view.

Bulk Upload Options - You have the opportunity to upload the following items:

  • 4.1.) Upload Tags
  • 4.2.) Upload Keywords
  • 4.3.) Upload ASINs
  • 4.4.) Upload Content 
  • 4.5.) Upload MAPs


  • 4.1) Upload Tags:  it is now possible to create tags via an Excel file. You just need to fill in the ASINs in the first column and the corresponding Tags in the second, 3rd etc. column. You can assign several tags to the same ASINs.
  • 4.2) Upload Keywords: the backend keywords won’t be shown in Sellics as they are hidden on Amazon. Hence, if you would still like to see them in Sellics and also see the keyword ranking for them, you can upload your own list of keywords. You can get this list from you Amazon Vendor Manager. By uploading those keywords to Sellics, please follow the acceptable format.

Location 1 will be your keyword list within the individual ASIN.  From that list, you can see what is or isn't included in your listing. Then you can add them as needed.

Location 2 will be your backend/indexing/hidden keywords, which aren't visible on your AMZ PDP

  • 4.3) Upload ASINs: you can also upload your ASINs with corresponding internal product IDs (e.g. SKU, EAN) by following the format.
  • 4.4) Upload Content: you have also the opportunity to upload your own content (e.g. from a PIM system or Excel sheet) by following the requested format (you can download the requested format in the tool, under ‘upload content’. Why is it useful? Some clients update their content in a PIM system or in an Excel file and hence they can use this content in Sellics to monitor their content differences (in Content Monitoring feature) or to optimize their content in Sellics.
  • 4.5) Upload MAPs: clients have the option to upload their own MAPs (Minimum Advertised Price) to monitor if sb undercut your prices. These metrics are relevant for the Buybox module. You can also set up alerts for this.


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