Harvesting Searchterms into Keywords/Targets is a standard best practice in Amazon Advertising. This should be done regularly to improve performance.

Sellics has features that can automate this process for you, but there are many situations in which manually harvesting searchterms to keywords is necessary.

Follow the steps below to utilize the Sellics UI to its fullest potential:

  1. In the Optimize tab, set your time-frame. Typically 30 days is a good default.
  2. Choose the Searchterms Tab

3. Sort by KPI. Some good ones to start with are Orders, Spend and Impressions.

4. Once you identify a Searchterm that needs to be harvested into a new ad group as a Keyword, select that term, and click on the Action menu.

5. Select Move to Ad Group.

6. Confirm and select the correct ad group you want to move the Searchterm into. Be thoughtful of the match type you decide to use. If you are unsure what bid you’d like to set the Keywords to, you can click and drag the pop out box and refer to the current CPC of the searchterm as a base point.

7. Choose to add the searchterm as a negative in the source campaign. Adding the searchterm as negative means you will be preventing that searchterm from appearing in the source ad group.

8. Click Move searchterms.


Use the post it note symbol to copy multiple searchterms to a clipboard. Add multiple relevant keywords at once from the clipboard.

Prioritize searchterms that need to be moved based on the orders, spend and impressions. Use 30 days to start. In the following weeks you can narrow it down to 14 days or even 7 days.

If you notice a pattern in the searchterms such as high impressions for a certain color variation or a competitors brand, this is an indication that there is opportunity to isolate and optimize against this traffic. Create a new campaign or ad group that is dedicated to this kind of traffic. Manually harvest keywords into this ad group.

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