EasySetup is a simple workflow that allows you to create the Sellics best practice campaign structure (incl. bid and keyword automation) for a child ASIN with just a few clicks.

The feature can be found at the Amazon Advertising Tab on the Left at the Menu bar.

When you click yourself in your Advertising Integration the Easy Setup is found under Sponsored Products next to the Optimize feature:

Once you clicked in, you can start the Easy Setup feature by adding an ASIN with its SKU number and of course, select the marketplace in which you are going to advertise that ASIN:

Step 1. GOAL:

After you have clicked Start Easy Setup the next step will be to determine your Goal for that ASIN:

Depending on the strategy you want to proceed Sellics will automatically determine a Target ACoS based on the data of the Profit feature ( Cost of Goods will also be taken into consideration) which we automatically sync from your Amazon Seller Central.

There are 3 different strategies: The focus on Profitability, Grow sales while breaking even, and Grow sales as much as possible. Of course, you can also proceed by customizing and entering your own Target ACoS.

Step 2. BUDGET:

Determining your daily overall Budget across all campaigns that are going to be created.

Below you can see the Campaign Structure for the Easy Setup:

Example: If you set up a budget of 50 USD or Euro Sellics is going to split that budget percentage-wise to your Automatic Campaign with one AdGroup, your Manual Campaign with 3 AdGroups, and your Manual Category Campaign with one ADGroup.

In step 4 you can see how the budget is automatically distributed from Sellics.


The third step is adding Keywords to your Campaigns:

Suggestion: Add the most relevant keywords to your Product here.

Step 4. PREVIEW:

In the fourth and final step the Sellics EasySetup is going to create the Campaigns for your ASIN and distribute your Budget accordingly:

As you can see in the screenshot below, if we entered a Budget of 50 Euro Sellics is going to split that into:

15 Euro for your Automatic campaign

25 Euro for your Manual Broad Ad Group, 25 Euro for your Manual Keyword Exact AdGroup, and 25 Euro for your Manual Exact ASIN (Product Targeting) AdGroup.

The 10 Euro rest is going to flow into the Manual Category Campaign.

You always have to remember that the Easy Setup will follow this guideline:

In the Auto Campaign, we will find out new Searchterms relevant to your Product. The ones that are performing well are going to be transferred as Broad Targets to your Manual Campaign and within the Broad AdGroup. There, if they perform good again they are going to be transferred to your Manual Exact AdGroup as Exact Targets and those are going to be your best-performing Targets.

On the last Preview Step you can click on the bottom right "Create Campaigns and Ad Groups" and you are basically done!

Sellics will now start creating the campaigns for you and using the Sellics Best Practice Keyword and Bid Rules!

We also have a quick video tour for the EasySetup feature, you can click on the button below to watch the recording:

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